PRO-I 1300 PRO-I 2200 PRO-I 2800
Welding method      
  Drawn arc (ceramic ferrule)
[suitable for weld through deck]
x x
  Short cycle x x x
  Drawn arc (shielding gas) o o o
Max. welding diameter (mm)      
  Drawn arc (ceramic ferrule) 13 22 25
  Short cycle 10 10 10
  Drawn arc (shielding gas) 12 12 12
Welding current (A) 100-1050 100-2100 100-3150
Welding time (mS) 5-1000 5-1500 5-1500
Constant current regulation x x x
Welding parameter monitoring      
  Welding parameter monitoring x x x
  Welding parameter memory
with USB-interface for
data transmission to a P
o o o
Gun connections      
  1 gun connection x x x
  2 gun connections o o o
  4 gun connections o o o
Utilisable with adapter box
x x x
  Microprocessor control x x x
  Welding programme library x x x
  Welding programme storage x x x
  Device lock with PIN code x x x
  Authorization concept
(device lock, basic settings, menu structure)
x x x
  Weld counter (resettable) x x x
  Lift test x x x
  Repeat cycle lock x x x
  Electronic function control x x x
  Self diagnosis system x x x
  Automatic function test x x x
Shielding gas module o o o
Automatic stud feeding o o o
Error diagnosis systems      
  Excess temperature x x x
  Phase failure x x x
  Damage on welding/control cable x x x
  Damage on solenoid x x x
  CAN-BUS o o o
  USB o o o
Thermic controlled ventilator x x x
Trolley design
with two big, extremely robust castors and pull-out telescopic handle
  x x
Lifting eyes   x x
2 swivel castors, 2 fixed castors   x x
Robust, powder-coated metal housing x x x
  Width (mm) 290 550 550
  Height (mm) 360 850 850
  Length (mm) 650 650 650
  Weight (kg) 31 81 102
Electric connection      
  Mains supply (V) at 50/60 Hz 320-495 320-495 320-495
  Mains fuse external 35 AT 63 AT 125 AT
  Mains plug CEE 32 A 63 A 125 A
  Protection IP 23 IP 23 IP 23
Suitable welding guns      
  PHM-10 x o o
  PHM-12 x o o
  PHM-160 o o o
  PHM-161 o o o
  GD 16 x o o
  GD 19 o x o
  GD 22 o x o
  GD 25 o o x
  PHA-500 o o o
  PHA-500-6 o o o
Control cable socket for welding guns 12-pin 12-pin 12-pin
x = Standard, o = Option