Welding studs for drawn arc stud welding

The catalogue provides an overview of our production and delivery programme* in the following areas:

Threaded stud (type RD, MPF, PD, MD, M)
Internally threaded stud (type ID)
Non-threaded stud (type UD)
DUO threaded stud (type MPF-DUO, RD-DUO, PD-DUO), DUO internally threaded stud (type ID-DUO)
Insulation pins (type ISA, ISB, ISMS, ISH)
Bimetallic insulation pins (type VBS, VBS-MS)
Clip for insulation pin (type R)
Clip (type R, outside dia. 11,5 mm)
Clip with plastic cap for insulation pin (type W)
Rectangular stud (type A, B, C)
Threaded collar stud (type KRB), collar stud (type KRS)
Threaded knock-off stud (type AB-MPF), knock-off stud
Curved stud, J-bolt stud, bent stud, stepped stud, locking stud, cone stud, flat-ended stud, anti-skid knock-off stud, ball
Ceramic ferrules (type UF, RF, RF (flat form), KSR-F, KSP-F, PF, UF, KSN-F, K, KF, UFD, HSG, IWKR, AWKR)
Threaded plate, disk nut
Silicone cover caps

Here you can view or download our current general catalogue welding studs.

Download PDF General catalogue welding studs